Sample Delta Assignment Case Studies

Salty* Delta Assignment Case Studies

Mid-week Cep Data Center Migration
Score: Corporate Headquarter 100 Downtime 0
Lead architect and change coordinator to avoid any business downtime during data Center move to new corporate headquarters which merge headquarters of 25 years end two remote legal offices into a new location. Provided design, security, and virtualization resources for seamless mid-week migration with no downtime to Internet or Corporate Email during physical data center move. Provided guidance and managed vendors while working with existing IT staff to prepare original headquarters, coordinate low-cost high-speed LAN connectivity with secured Internet Providers and prepared new location and networking team. Using virtualization, reduced overall costs of move to .40% of original costs and received industry and vendor recognition for novel use of virtualization for business continuity.
Corporate Software Asset Management and Licensing

After corporate buy-out of division from public parent holding company, I negotiated multiple software licensing arrangement with software legal departments, obtaining non-standard concessions, discounts and software bundling with Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, VMware software licensing, Dell corporate software reseller programs, IBM Database Management division and Hewlett Packard corporate software program Established Asset Tracking and Administration protocols to provide continuous alert and response to ensure continuous software renewals. Took over operation that has 40 percent re-instatement fees in previous year to positive cash flow (no reinstatement and 10-35 percent discounts). Accelerated software renewals and purchases to take advantage of vendor year end incentive programs, free software for new orders, etc. and simplified over 190 some agreements into under 35 sow renewals spread out over year to optimize corporate reporting.

Negotiated 74% shipping discount and 42% new desktop acquisition costs during a desktop refresh involving over 60 percent new desktops and re-deploying 100% of all desktops with best desktops going to business power users / executives increasing productivity by over 40 percent compared to pre-desktop deployment strategies.

Migrated Flat Corporate Network to Secure Rings of Trust Network
Establish multi-discipline network design to provide separation of production, user acceptance test, development, infrastructure and public facing networks and system resources for maximum regulatory compliance, proactive guest and corporate user isolation across multiple LAN, wireless and WAN networks using best of Avaya, Cisco , Meru Networks and VMware distributed networking and Internet security and cyber defense circles of Mist discipline, Use of 3-factor change management to eliminate human error of privileged administrator for planned and unplanned network and server deployments. Four years of trusted access without breach across business communications for desktop, email, web, archive, virtual private network, remote office, and network file servers while achieving all service level agreements on continuous basis.
Establish eDiscovery Standards and Protocols

In response to Office of General Counsel concerns on ability to respond to active inquires, provide solution to provide protocols and change of control standards for investigation that covered approximately five-year period with ex-employees and current employees. Established and updated corporate computing policies with additions for eDiscovery of all business communications using corporate assets and incorporate changes into company Acceptable Use Policy. Establish cyber defense and o-Discovery environments for all Internet, Email and Web based communications. Established state-of-the-art corporate mail and archived ex-employee file archive in modem archive solution. D3sign virtual server architecture which exceed all vendor records for performance by 260 percent and caused vendor to support VMware based server implementations across all corporate customers which Mince lower long-term support costs. Used secured virtualized private cloud for eDiscovery and Executive desktop to avoid physical theft of executive assets.

Created IT Facility Access Controls to isolate Video Surveillance Networks
Establish secured building access and video surveillance control center including security to require per-incident approvals and access to IT administrative access, third patty video company access and remote Executive access using 3-factor network change management techniques to prevent breech. Created multi-tenant network isolated from corporate network and information assets. Assisted Executive management, Office of General Counsel and Human Resources department to establish policies, procedure, training protocols, building access badge management Performed annual audits and eliminated over 67 separate incidents where prior vendor badge handling or Human Resources badge management involving excess or non-returned badges would have led to unmonitored building access. Established secured Video Surveillance network for 48 camera and multiple MIR system. Established Annual Audit procedures, Audit Control Document to secure all IT Facility Access. Established training of Corporate Compliance officer, Facilities Management, Human Resources and SOX-compliant auditors. Three years with no breaches of protocols.
Secured File Transfer and Corporate Email Encryption Solutions

Too often, decisions on managing how critical company information, potentially HIPAA protected Sensitive Data and intellectual property is left to ad hoc methods to create and deliver CDROMs, DVDs, USB or other forms of disk drives, Excel spreadsheets and worse unmonitored third party laptops. No one is accountable. Equally concerning is other companies requesting or demanding your employees respond in certain timeframes and/or use unprotected public “big file transfer” sites or some random service they subscribe to. I have architected and managed a total secured file transfer, alert and notification solutions involving a continuously monitored and evaluated stable of third party appliances and cloud servers to ensure secured file transfer based on Executive management and regulatory required controls that is completely auditable and best of all self-service once established by your business users to send raid =calve any Sensitive Data or files that are larger than can be handled by email without =posing corporate proprietary controls and data to the whims and lack of standards of public file trader services, traditional uncontrolled media creation and/or backup policies at hosted facilities where your information can be supplied to unrelated regulators or law enforcement simple because co-existing in a backup tape or archive solution that is not in your control. . Provided corporate training, established cooperate policies and service level agreements matching same governance applied to corporate standards for both employees and any public individual or organization requesting or responding to file requests.

Contract Auditing Services

Provide expert-level business, service agreement and statement of work reviews for all manner of IT vendors, contractors, software agreements, software renewals, hosting arrangements and proposed remote office management agreements to prevent outside companies flout dictating management-as-a-convenience appliances and services on your corporate network or public cloud presence without oversight, cyber defense assessment review and out of-band vendor-independent monitoring and exception reporting, review and escalation to protect company intellectual property.

Cyber Defense Services to Assess and Avoid Self-Coined “DIOS” Threats

In 2009, I established cyber defense checklists to assess how the top 25 hosting companies to local, state, federal and military government and private organizations would withstand a cyber-attack that threatened to isolate and cancel a company’s or agency’s ability to perform its function in the face of what I called a Distributed Interruption of Service or DISO (SM – Larry Timmins / TOTCOMM) attack aimed not at disrupting web commerce but actually eliminate the company or agency from international commerce and potentially allow a foreign government or terrorist backed manufacturers or enemy agency to take over world market share or territorial control. What made this approach to DISO even more unique was the analysis extended normal physical plant, building security to a truly digital profile and distribution analysis as to where threats would be successful as companies either virtualized or used cloud. based IT resources to conduct business. This methodology was used since 1987 when I established Internet, cyber defense and corporate security services business for F1000 companies and government agencies ( Alta Vista, US Postal Services, US Postal Inspector General , Department of Energy, Dow Jones, New York Times, Price Waterhouse, Coopers & Lybrand, Alta Vista,, multiple international pharmaceutical R&D organizations, EU entities, etc.).

Small Business Innovator / Grant Recipient

Founded Foresight Technologies, Inc (NY Corporation) and Inter-Business Service Bureau, Ltd to provide industry-wide secured petals in multiple industries with formal exit strategy involving sale of corporation intellectual property. Timeframe 1996 to 2001. Recipient of NY State R&D investment grant, Strategic Project for Innovative Research or “SPIR” which resulting in partial compensation for single graduate student on company premises and generated over 60 internships and 25 full time jobs. Establish and spun off document and digital archival business in conjunction with major client as partner.

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