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Executive Protection

Delta Strategic Solutions provides comprehensive executive protection services aimed at providing the client a secure work environment, free from distractions, resulting in a productive and pleasurable work experience.

Executive Protection

We customize a protection plan using a risk management approach based on available and collected intelligence; assessment of potential hazards; advanced safety screenings of buildings and travel routes and continuous surveillance of surroundings to deter unwanted attention.

This service gives organizations peace of mind regarding employee safety and emphasizes the ideals of corporate responsibility an organization has for its employees.

Celebrity & Dignitary Protection

When providing security detail for celebrities or dignitaries there are many variables in the protection plan. Delta’s team takes great care to explore and deter all possible threats, pre-screen all itinerary stops and transportation methods; conduct active alerts and continuously screen and scan for potential risks to proactively diffuse all possible situations. 

Our close protection units are trained to offer the highest level of protection at all times in a discreet and inconspicuous manner. The depth, scope and experience of the Delta network are significant. 

Our presence in different locations around the world affords us the ability to respond quickly and maintain continuity of our security services as we move from venue to venue. We work closely with the client and his or her handlers to develop a protection plan that suits their specific needs and expectations.

Celebrity and Dignitary Protection

Efficiencies and Operations

Turnkey Office Solution Deployment and Staff Augmentation

Network Asset Management, Security, and Surveillance

Cyber Security Threat Analysis

On-site Integrity Audit of Cyber Crime and Computer Forensic Training Programs

Evaluation and Audit of Cyber Security Training and Trainee Capabilities

Troubleshoot System and Network Deficiencies

Risk Assessments

CCTV-Security and IP Video Security Surveillance

Wireless and Mobile Device/Endpoint Security Control and Assessments

Cyber Security Assessments and Vulnerability Analysis

Electronic Communication and Email Operations Review

Prime Contractor Solutions Deployment and Teaming Arrangements


Team Services / Capabilities​

Operational Risk and Assessment Evaluations

Security Compliance and Testing

Verification of Stated Objectives for User and Network Access

Technology Life Cycle Procurement Advisory Services

Holistic Mission Integration for Cyber and Physical Security Threats

Emerging Technology Planning and Evaluation for Government


Security Measures

Delta Strategic Solutions employs state-of-the-art IP video solutions using the latest in video analytics, covert surveillance, and enterprise level access control. Partnering this ultra high tech electronic security measures with Delta’s cyber security and physical security services allows Delta to provide a total security platform protecting its clients on multiple fronts while remaining focused on an overall security umbrella.

This is not your father’s CCTV camera system, Delta deploys military-grade technology to protect its clients from threats both foreign and domestic. Offering additional electronic eyes and ears to Delta’s elite security team allows Delta security forces to protect larger areas while minimizing the added cost of additional resources needed when protecting large or geographically diverse properties. 

Cyber Security

Event Security

Domestic & International Private Security

Trip Advance Service

Static & Dynamic Security Strategies

Executive Protection

Motorcade Support Services

Aviation & Maritime Support Services

Global VIP Medical Support & Transport

Geo-Fencing & Tracking

Blockchain Security Strategies

Cyber Forensics ( including mobile devices)

You’ve heard of Big Brother, now you have a name for it – Delta Strategic Solutions.
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