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Intellectual Property Theft


A multinational manufacturing company became suspicious that one of its former sales staff had been stealing the company’s intellectual property, after noticing a drop in sales following his departure.

The employee in question left the company several months prior and made no secret among his workmates that he was planning to start work at a rival organization. The subsequent lack of business led his former managers to suspect that he had stolen their customer database for use at his new company.

Why Security Experts Needed
Delta had the ability and resources to engage with the Company’s legal team to investigate the former employee’s workstation and discovered that a removable hard drive was used to remove data from the server.
Delta Advantage

Expert Investigation

Excellent knowledge of legal system

Attention to detail to find root cause

Ability to develop preventive protocols to prevent future theft

Desired Outcome

This information was used to subpoena and seize the former employee’s home computer. Further examination of this machine revealed that the database was copied from an external hard drive. During these examinations, a number of further incriminating files were recovered from the hard drive of the suspect’s home computer, including emails to his prospective new boss giving details of his plans to boost sales at his new company.

Post Investigation Lessons
Delta prepared an after action report that provided recommendations to prevent future IP theft
Return on Investment
Stopped decline in sales and increased revenue by 16.7%

Increase profit by 2.7% percent

Productivity increased by 9.8%

Enhanced shareholder value-The value of its public stock increased 22%

Security is not a luxury; it’s a necessity in today’s interconnected world.
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