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We have worked diligently and closely with clients to address investigative and security concerns (including cyber threats) in unique ways. Our seasoned field agents and support staff operate as a cohesive team.

At the helm of that team is our leadership, Dr. Steven A. Martello, Managing Director/Chairman; Victor M. Medina, President / CEO; and Collectively they have over six decades of experience in the security field and share a deep and unyielding commitment to excellence. 

Meet Our Team

Delta only recruits employees from security, law and military organizations. Applicants undergo a rigorous review process for competency, grace under fire and character. Delta’s security methodology is as follows:

Intel gathering

Forging a deep understanding of our client’s needs and concerns (culturally and emotionally)

Development and implementation of a security matrix that is flexible

Adaptable and dynamic to be capable of change in an ever-evolving environment from qualitative to quantitative

Ongoing review

Post-operational debriefing

In addition, each team member must complete mandatory training before being placed on active assignment and receive continued extensive training as needed to develop and sharpen their skill sets.



To provide our clients with the most professional service while offering the highest caliber of personnel that will protect the client’s physical well being as well as the integrity of the client.

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