Executive Protection Case Study

Executive Protection

A large multinational insurance company with business in a variety of potentially dangerous locations had a senior executive kidnapped while on a business trip to Costa Rica. Although, Costa Rica is normally classified as a safe country, senior executives from the USA are targeted as kidnap victims for ransom. The executive was kidnapped because he was traveling alone without any semblance of protection. The kidnapping curtailed all international travel for the corporation while the situation was sorted out and cost the companies tens of millions of dollars in lost business transactions. The insurance corporation made the error of believing the executive was safe traveling in a “docile” country.
Why Security Experts Needed
Delta immediately deployed a kidnap negotiation team to Costa Rica and established executive protection protocols for all risk-oriented destinations (both domestic and international). Experts in executive protections were quickly introduced to the insurance company and assigned for all future protective details. The kidnap team rapidly established communications with the kidnappers and successfully negotiated the release of the executive. The executive protection teams had access to current intelligence for all travel destinations and were able to flex to every situation with appropriate resources.
Delta Advantage

True expertise in protecting corporate executives in literally every situation both domestically and internationally.

Access to all current risk intelligence

Capability to effectively negotiate hostage rescue situations

Ability to adjust/flex protection team’s capabilities in literally any situation

Desired Outcome
The hostage takers released the executive after a few weeks of captivity. As soon executive protection teams were stood up and deployed for future travel, all future attacks were eliminated. Kidnappers attacked the unprotected. Having expert teams in place was sufficient deterrent.
Return on Investment

Normal business activity resumed, and executives were able to target business in the developing world increasing revenue by 20%

Executive retention increased by 11% because they saw the EP teams as a true benefit that allowed them to travel to the rich business opportunities in potentially risky areas.

Negative publicity stopped due to the elimination of attacks on personnel while traveling.

Liability insurance premiums for expats traveling abroad decreased by 14% due to proper security protocols in place.

Corporation was able to establish full time offices in the developing world with expat leadership which increased customer service scores by 23% because protective teams in place.

Trust is the foundation of security, and we are committed to earning and keeping your trust.
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