Digital Forensics

We utilize every major computer forensic tool in our unique high-tech lab.

Service Description
Delta Strategic Solutions investigators can obtain electronic data in a forensically-sound manner from computers, phones, email and file servers, backup tapes, archives and, if necessary, from the network wire to perform analysis and/or identify smoking gun evidence to solve a case. We own and operate one of the most sophisticated and best-equipped computer forensic labs in the world.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology with years of investigative experience and technical knowhow, we are able to offer a full range of “deep dive” computer forensic services to our clients at any level. The Delta Strategic Solutions lab is equipped with highly sophisticated computer forensic hardware and software that allow our investigators to handle any digital forensic assignment. 

Unfortunately, every computer forensic software on the market has weaknesses that would make it ill-suited for certain types of analyses. 

Our team can sweep networks, computers, and mobile devices for malware of any level, including government- and commercial-grade. Our technical knowhow and state-of-the-art equipment can detect all forms of eavesdropping devices regardless of their level of sophistication.

The study of Computer Forensics focuses on the actions performed by and on a computer. Not only can this type of investigation reveal what was done on a computer, but also who was behind the keyboard. As investigators, we are often met with incredibly vast amounts of data requiring effective methods of indexing, sorting and filtering by relevance, hashing values, and performing keyword searches. Advanced software is an indispensable tool for the purpose of extracting the most information accurately and making sense of it all.

Our team of specialists at Delta Strategic Solutions applies years of expertise in forensically sound tactics to identify, preserve, recover, analyze, and present digital evidence. The level of examination we offer can provide insight into myriad details regarding a computer user from their personal preferences and daily habits to just how much confidential information left the company with them during their departure.

Mobile Forensics is a division of digital forensics which pertains to recovering digital evidence or data from mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices (such as fitness trackers), PDA devices, etc.

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives. These devices go everywhere we go, giving us the benefits of a handheld computer with ever-increasing capabilities. Along with the benefits of a technologically interconnected world that is continually becoming further interconnected come elevated privacy and data access concerns. Our mobile devices are storing and sharing incredible amounts of data on a daily basis. It is for this reason that these devices have become so invaluable to a forensic investigation. Our court-recognized tools and procedures can reveal the ‘smoking gun’ evidence that has the potential to make or break a case.

During a mobile forensic investigation, forensic examiners will conduct a thorough examination of the data found on the cell phone’s SIM/USIM, the cell phone body itself, and any optional memory cards. We can recover data from all types of mobile devices including Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry smartphones and tablets, as well as older cell phones.

Network Forensics concerns live data traveling over the network wire; this information is collected, preserved, and analyzed for relevant evidence. Oftentimes, certain types of computer crimes, especially those involving theft of intellectual property or leakage of information, cannot be investigated without the use of network forensic tools and methodologies. Cases of this type generally involve insider abuse of IT resources, industrial espionage, theft of intellectual property, leaked information, and general malicious activity.

Unlike intrusions perpetrated by the majority of individual hackers and even hacking teams, it likely will be nearly impossible to detect intrusions originating from APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) without the use of network forensic collectors. Critical networks found in businesses as well as governmental organizations are at risk of being targeted and compromised due to their importance. Our network forensic collectors analyze network traffic to reveal any unauthorized access of your system.

We can analyze and interpret cellular network data, using it to provide geographical representations of call records as well as cell site connection data. This information can be used to track the device user and create a timeline of his/her activity, revealing user patterns. Our reports include clear interpretations of the seemingly complex data obtained from wireless communications service providers

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