Delta Strategic Solutions, Inc. (Delta-DSS)

Case Study Series

Phone Threats

A major national mortgage company experienced an increased number of phone threats due to the recession and the emotional impact of foreclosures. The impact on the company work force was substantial and productivity decreased because the mortgage company had no policy or adequate procedures to properly deal with these threats.

Why Security Experts Needed

Delta established a hotline and had the correct resources to immediately deal vvith the phone threats. Each call was investigated to determine the validity of the threat and ensure the potentially dangerous situation did not escalate. When workers feel vulnerable, their productivity decreases. It does not matter if the threat is not imminent; the fact that there is a potential threat causes concern and distraction. When workers know they have an effective process and procedure to ensure their safety, productivity is maintained.

Delta Advantage
  • Access to all national law enforcement entities
  • Expertise in investigating threats (US Secret Service Presidential Detail experience)
  • Capability to immediately respond and prevent threat escalation
  • Extensive experience in corporate work place violence prevention
Desired Outcome

Our team created an effective method for workers to deal with all threats received via the phone or electronically. The fact that management cared enough for their welfare to implement a professionally staffed hot line to deal with all security matters dramatically increases corporate morale and sense of well being.

Return on Investment
  • Call center productivity and call processing increased by 10%
  • Absenteeism decreased by 1 1 %
  • Customer service scores increase by 7% due to improved attitude
  • Recruiånent of talent was enhanced and need for hiring incentives reduced