Delta Strategic Solutions, Inc, (Delta-DSS)

Case Study Series

Corporate Espionage

A top Forbes chairman of a group of companies was the victim of a highly targeted spear phishing attack designed to compromise his system and gain access to his email and other accounts. Attackers launched this ‘Advanced Persistent Threat’ style attack from multiple geographies, utilizing hacked systems across the globe in an effort to obscure their identities.

Why Security Experts Needed

Delta utilized extensive resources with malware analysis and prevention expertise. We conducted a forensically sound investigation to determine the reasons for the vulnerability and developed solutions to prevent from occurring again.

Delta Advantage
  • Binary reverse engineering
  • Forensics & first response analysis
  • Vast network with the legal & law enforcement community • Extensive experience in corporate espionage counter-measures
Desired Outcome

Our team reverse-engineered the malware, providing a detailed description of the threat. Most malware of this sort is designed to:

  • Steal passwords
  • Capture keystrokes
  • Upload files
  • Record audio and video
  • Capture screenshots

We identified hacked networks of servers across the globe that was used to gather stolen information. Our team explained exactly how the command & control network for the malware operated. We successfully provided the authorities with the geographies where the malware operated and also gave them access to the attacker’s repository of stolen data.

Return on Investment
  • Company secured additional clients who saw the improved anti breach security as an advantage and a safer environment to entrust critical data Reduced IT costs by 14% due to prevention of breach response costs
  • Reduced frequency of external audits due to proactive procedures to prevent data breaches and corporate espionage
  • Company avoided reinvestments in compromised IP and designs and delays in product launches or primitive product launches to mitigate the damage (adverse brand effects and loss of sales) as a result of counterfeit entrants to the marketplace