ARNALDO SALINAS – Director Of Security Operations

Founder of the Archangel Academy of Security & Police Sciences as a part of the City University of New York, (CUNY), Mr. Salinas was born in New York and partially raised in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Mr. Salinas is a former NYS Department of Education licensed school principal and teacher with a masters degree in the field of Criminal Justice; certified in community Anti-Terrorism. Mr. Salinas is one of the founding fathers of The Guardian Angels. He is licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice to train and certify security personnel and has taught at several colleges. He held the high honor of Senior Advisor to the United States Military Reserve Officers Policy Board, Department of Homeland Security. As Security Director for Parades, NYPD, the U.S. Secret Service and a whole host of national and international law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of megastars and millions of civilians.

Arnaldo Salinas is licensed by the Department of Homeland Security to train the trainer for the National Incident Management System, Office for Domestic Preparedness Instructor, he creates solutions with a holistic approach.

His accomplishments & abilities include but are not limited to some of the following;

  • Training of National Police Officers in Lima, Peru in counter-terrorism
  • Provided safety planning and perimeter security operations for the second inaugurations of G.W. Bush and B. Obama as Presidents of the United States of America
  • Managed all Latino Countries as a Senior International Director/co-founder of the Guardian Angels for 30 years
  • Culturally sensitive to many cultures & mannerisms able to assimilate into any situation
  • Medal of Bravery Awarded from the United Nations by ChriChinmoy
  • Awarded the cachet by the Government of Puerto Rico of “HijoPredilecto de Aguadilla, Puerto Rico” for my effort as the team leader in a search & rescue team after the devastation of Hurricane Hugo in Puerto Rico.
  • Awarded the “Distinguished Service Award” by Ramon S. Velez for my work in the Hunts Point Multi-Service Corp as well as the Puerto Rican Day Parade
  • Awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” in business development & administration from Baruch College
  • Executive Protection Specialist & trainer of families in non-aggressive protection
  • Communications specialist
  • Anti-gang training in New York City, Washington DC, Virginia and U.S. Virgin Islands Public Schools system
  • Trained every school safety officer in the city of Elizabeth, New Jersey
  • Train and certify security officers in New York State
  • Train and certify every school safety officer, teachers, administration and staff of the public school system of St. Croix, USVI
  • Owns and operates Archangel Security International, an MBE full-service security and safety technology company with offices in NY and Mexico
  • Provided search & rescue services during manmade & natural disasters
  • Provided executive protection to a host of icons & political figures
  • Able to work on a worldwide stage!
  • Member Association of Latino Administrators & Superintendents(ALAS)
  • Certified National Crime Prevention Council instructor
  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructor


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